When People Thrive, Companies Thrive

When People Thrive, Companies Thrive

We believe that people are a company’s most valuable resource, and we help the people in your company communicate better, relate better, and perform better. When people thrive, companies thrive.

We do this work because we believe the world will be a better place when everyone feels as if they are a crucial part of something bigger. We obsess over the Deeper Why, happiness, and efficiency. (Yes, really.) Because we’ve been working with companies and people collectively for over 40 years, we know how to deliver results for our clients.

Happy employees mean more productive employees and therefore more profitable companies. Happy people, happy employees, and happy companies cultivate stronger, sustainable, and robust communities, whether local or global.

Do you know your Deeper Why?

We do.  For us, it’s to help individuals and companies work and live from their own Deeper Why.

For us, a strong bottom line means we serve our community and our planet.

We truly believe that making a difference even just one person or one company at a time can transform the world. Call it impractical or innovative, we believe you want to transform the world as well.

Let's see what we can do together.

“Working with Dawn was one of the best decisions I made when writing a sales page for an upcoming event. As a writer, I thought I had written great content, but with Dawn’s creative insight, I found a much more successful way to communicate the event. She coached me topic by topic and line by line by asking probing questions and offering much more productive solutions. Because of my work with Dawn, I have been able to use those same strategies to create quality marketing in other venues. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but Dawn is one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. She encourages you to stretch yourself and your communication to a whole new level.”

Esther Hughes, Elite Communicators

“Dawn has a gift for communicating the need to be clear about your message and who you are serving. I have found this advice helpful in defining my niche market and as a result, I have gained clarity in my communication of my larger mission.”

Sherry Burton Ways, Peaceful Productive Environments


“I just wanted to check in and tell you how thankful I am for your guidance, support and warmth!! You are a light unmatched by any other!”

Arion Long, founder of The Femly Box

“Dawn and I have done a lot of work on refining my business systems and marketing copy. I had done a lot of training with other teachers and had a good base started for my business. But Dawn’s systems-oriented mind is really helping me take each part of my business and marketing and refine it. Dawn’s encouraging feedback on my weekly accountability emails has been really helpful, as have just taking the time to write a detailed reflection on how I’m doing for the week.”

Beth Ellen Nash, Wings to Soar Online Academy

“Mark is an amazing man and coach! He’s got the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you live your best life with joy and enthusiasm!”

~ Chellie Campbell, Author of The Wealthy Spirit, Zero to Zillionaire, and From Worry to Wealthy

What Can The Shuler Group Do For You?

What we do is make companies better

by connecting your employees to your company’s Deeper Why

ensuring that everyone is working in his or her Zone of Genius

by improving sales and customer service

by helping all of you work better together as a team.

Employee Engagement

Imagine how your company would thrive with fully engaged, happy, healthy employees who are all working together toward the company’s mission and Deeper Why.

It’s Possible


Training, workshops, and coaching to improve communication both internally among your employees and externally to your prospects and clients.

Let Us Show You

Team Building

Whether your team has stopped working as a, well, team, or you want to amp their success and dynamics even more, team-building exercises, retreats, and consulting can do amazing things for your company.

How We Can Help

Sales Training

What if you could powerfully and effectively connect to people based on their values and how they see the world – even in a sales conversation? How would that affect your bottom line?

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