How well do your employees and staff communicate with each other and the outside world?

Do the people in your company get along with each other and work well together, or is the environment fraught with anxiety and tension… and work suffers?

Do you have a strong customer service philosophy in place that makes your customers and prospects feel important?

Communication is key to a company that runs well and works well… It includes everything from how employees and staff interact to how well goals, objectives, and tasks are communicated.

The Shuler Group provides coaching, training, development, team building, and workshops for individuals, teams, and organizations. We customize each program to the needs and wants of the organization, offering half-day to multi-day trainings, retreats, and one-on-one coaching and consulting.

While each program is tailored to the company, its employees, and its particular needs and challenges, some of our popular trainings include:

  • Relationships in the Workplace – This course teaches you a system for understanding the important people in your life.  You’ll define the 4 B.A.N.K.™ personality types and the 12 values associated with each one.  You’ll learn basic communication tips for each personality type and identify at least 3 communication and connection tips for each of the 4 personality types.
  • Effective Communication in Email, Meetings, and Phone – This program covers the top three ways employees communicate in an organization: email, phone, and in meetings. The curriculum includes the differences and styles of communication in each situation, dysfunctional communication styles, strategies on improving communication, and how to run more effective meetings.
  • Customer Service from the Soul – Customer service is the heart of every organization, and isn’t just relegated to call centers and fulfillment departments. Customer service includes how a company interacts with its clients and customers, vendors, and internal members. This program covers the customer service goals of an individual department to a larger organization, creating a customer service policy, and various situations that occur and how to handle them effectively.
  • Turning Dysfunctional into Functional Communication – During this interactive training, we’ll discuss the 16 dysfunctional communication styles, techniques for effectively neutralizing toxic conversations, and how to turn dysfunctional communication into functional communication.
  • Bridging the Communication Gap – People process the world differently, and, of course, each person is unique in his or her personality style, strengths, value system, upbringing, background, and more. While we celebrate differences and the uniqueness of each person, we also need to bridge the gap between these differences so that people can communicate with clarity and create positive outcomes.

In addition, we offer customized training, along with individual and team coaching, to improve communication, especially as it relates to the work environment. We look at relationships, (including management/employee, employee/employee, company/customer, and company/vendor) and help create tools and environments to make these relationships better, communication improve, productivity soar, and employee engagement mount.

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Team Building

Whether your team has stopped working as a, well, team, or you want to amp their success and dynamics even more, team-building exercises, retreats, and consulting can do amazing things for your company.

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Employee Engagement

Imagine how your company would thrive with fully engaged, happy, healthy employees who are all working together toward the company’s mission and Deeper Why.

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Strengths-based Workplace

What if you built your organization and culture around your staff’s and employees’ strengths? A strengths-based workplace is transformational because it focuses on continual growth and allows everyone to shine.

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