2 Case Studies from the Company Climate Inventory

We’re excited that you’re interested in seeing the powerful results from conducting a Company Climate Inventory. When you read one or both of these case studies, you probably will see the potential in an organization.

Sometimes, there’s a driving need behind why organizations decide to bring us in to do the Company Climate Inventory: issues with culture, employee turnover, new leadership, location changes, merger and acquisition, and more.

Other times, smart CEOs, presidents, and leaders know that the more information they have, the better decisions they make. While most of us believe we’re “plugged into” the organization and its employees and staff, it’s not possible to be aware of everything.

The Company Climate Inventory tells you what your employees and staff think about working in your organization. That information reveals if everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction, if some people aren’t rowing at all, or even if some people are rowing counter to the direction the boat should be going.

Click the buttons or images below to download one or both Company Climate Inventory case studies. And if you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.

Creating a Powerhouse Organization

The leadership team at the Law Offices of Elliott & Jones* simply wanted to streamline their employee evaluation process and gather more actionable data about the climate of the organization.

(*Statistics and results found in this case study are based on data from a real client. The name has been changed to protect their confidentiality.)

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Our specialties are in communication, employee engagement, leadership and team building skills, and company culture. All things that help the internal mechanisms of an organization (i.e. its people) perform better.