You’ve read the 4 Actions Employees Wish You’d Take to Decrease Workplace Stress report, and it’s gotten you thinking.

However, you might be wondering…

Here’s what we can tell you… if you’re already considering that the Company Climate Inventory could be helpful, even a slight bit, it’s probably because you have an underlying feeling that there are some issues that you’ve been avoiding.

Knowledge is power, and that’s why our clients hire us to administer and analyze the results from the Company Climate Inventory. As one client said, “I’m hungry for information.”

Some of our clients even conduct this survey annually so they can get a true sense of the culture, strengths, and challenges; if and how the organization is progressing; and then using the resulting blueprint to improve productivity and decrease the debilitating effects due to dysfunctional communication and other problems in the workplace.

And there’s nothing fluffy about the Company Climate Inventory or the in-depth report with our findings and results.  One client said they saw a 650% return on the investment of conducting the CCI.  That definitely affected their bottom line.

Problems Exposed

The Company Climate Inventory brings to light challenges and situations you might not have known existed or were as big a problem as they are.

Strengths identified

It’s not always about problems. Knowing what the strengths and gifts of your organization are can be just as powerful as knowing its challenges.

Intuitive knowledge confirmed

Most of our clients tell us they’ve known down deep about some of the problems revealed in the Company Climate Inventory… they just didn’t want to bring it to consciousness or deal with it. But it’s still validating to have their intuition and instincts verified.

Objective perspective

Having an objective, third party take an expert look at what’s going on in your organization gives you peace of mind and even relief that you or your executive team doesn’t have to figure it out alone.

Honest feedback

Because the Company Climate Inventory is anonymous, employees and staff are more likely to give honest answers, thereby helping ensure the quality results of the Company Climate Inventory.

Powerful recommendations

While the Company Climate Inventory and the resulting analysis is powerful in and of itself, having access to suggested next steps can enhance the organization’s strengths, decrease the problem-areas, solve the challenges, and catapult the organization in ways that truly affect the bottom line.

What would this depth of information and analysis do for your organization?

Knowledge is power. Make sure that where your organization is going is where you want it to go.

Your first step is to set up a complimentary consultation with us, and we’ll happily spend 30 minutes answering your questions about the Company Climate Inventory.

Still not convinced?

Would you like to read two case studies of actual organizations and the powerful results they received from conducting the Company Climate Inventory?

We are very proud of the Company Climate Inventory, but even prouder of what our clients are able to do with this information.  Our two case studies, Creating a Powerhouse Organization and Restoring a Toxic Workplace, detail what the Company Climate Inventory found and what the organizations did about it.