Company Climate Inventory_final

What is really going on in your organization?

  • What are the gaps in your organization?
  • Can those gaps be bridged?
  • How do your employees and staff feel about your organization in general?
  • How do they perceive their own role and impact in the organization?
  • How does everyone work together (or not)?
  • Does communication flow easily and transparently?
  • Do your employees trust you?
  • Do they see a future at the company?

Are problems cropping up in your organization, but you’re not sure what the source is?

We use our proprietary Company Climate Inventory to determine how employees and management feel about their role and the organization as a whole… and how that relates to the health and productivity of the company.

Our Inventory allows us to get a sense of how employees view their role and the culture at your company, what they see as company challenges, what they consider to be their personal challenges, if they feel fulfilled, how they interact with their colleagues, and more.

What exactly is the Company Climate Inventory?

At its core, the Company Climate Inventory is an 80+ question survey customized to your particular needs and what you want to find out about the health of your organization.

The questions on the survey are a mix of both closed questions (yes or no, multiple choice) and open-ended questions (text responses).  These questions cover the areas of:

  • The Organization – Organizational climate, culture, values, and environment
  • Your Job – Co-workers, job contentment, development, and performance management
  • Leadership and Management – Communication, relationship, and effectiveness
  • Compensation and Benefits – HR effectiveness and extra services for employees
  • Overall Satisfaction – Connection to job and company

Then, all your employees and staff take the survey anonymously.  It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Our experienced consultants analyze the results and present a detailed written report summarizing the responses in each area, along with recommendation of next steps.  These recommendations usually serve to reduce costs and increase performance and revenues.


Basically, the Company Climate Inventory defines problems and recommends solutions.  You can choose to stop there and work on it internally, or fast track by bringing us in.

Examples of questions in the Company Climate Inventory

Some examples of the types of questions asked:

  • “Do you feel good about your current workload and your ability to complete your work?” (Example of a closed question.)
  • “Do you think you are given work that makes full use of your skills and training?  If not, why not?”  (Example of an open-ended narrative answer question.)
  • “I like the relationship between me and my immediate superior.” (The possible answers are Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral , Disagree, Strongly Disagree.)

What kind of results can you expect?

The results we receive reveal the breakdown of answers. Along with percentages, results for each question are also shown in graph form.

Examples from actual Company Climate Inventories

In this case, a number of employees believe there is some encouragement in problem solving within the company.  The almost 1/3 neutral response is of some concern because if 1/3 of the people in a company feel unheard, or ignored, this could be a problem in morale as well as decreased productivity.

In this example, teamwork is a definite issue needing to be addressed.  Almost 3/4 of the people in this organization feel there is little or no teamwork.  Also it might imply there are some people who work as a team quite well together, and that they, by chance or design, isolate themselves from the other employees.

In this open-ended question, the tool we use creates a word cloud where the most frequently used words are larger.  All full responses are also recorded, but we find this visual representation of the answer helpful in providing additional insight.

Here is an example of a report after our findings.

Please note that the resulting report is 25-40 pages.  The following is a very short, action-oriented excerpt.

Top 3 priorities (implement immediately)

  1. Fire or encourage Rotten Apple to leave the company.
  2. Move Senior Manager from location A to location B where she can be much more productive for the company as an active leader and role model.
  3. Reduce the workload of Employee B before he is hospitalized because of too much stress.

Secondary priorities needing attention soon

  1. Raise rates.
  2. Create a transition plan for retiring employees to be phased out, as well as to secure qualified, capable replacements.
  3. Improve training and mentoring, both in business operations and company culture.
  4. Implement communication workshops and training, both in basic communication skills as well as communication for action, with specific emphasis on teamwork and team building.
  5. Clarify hiring and firing policies.
  6. Create a system to ensure the right people in the right seats.

This is a much shortened version of the recommendations given by The Shuler Group in an actual corporate setting to give you an idea of how this powerful tool works.

After determining what the issues are and prioritizing them, The Shuler Group offers our services in the areas best served by our expertise, and we refer our colleagues and partners for the areas more suited towards their skills and expertise.

The powerful results of the Company Climate Inventory

Knowledge is power, and that’s why our clients hire us to administer and analyze the results from the Company Climate Inventory. As one client said, “I’m hungry for information.”

Some of our clients even conduct this survey annually so they can get a sense of the culture, strengths, and challenges; if and how the organization is changing; and then have a path to improve productivity and decrease the debilitating effects due to dysfunctional communication and other problems in the workplace.

Problems exposed

The Company Climate Inventory brings to light challenges and situations you might not have known existed or were as big a problem as they are.

Strengths identified

It’s not always about problems. Knowing what the strengths and gifts of your organization are can be just as powerful as knowing its challenges.

Intuitive knowledge confirmed

Most of our clients tell us they’ve known down deep about some of the problems revealed in the Company Climate Inventory… they just didn’t want to bring it to consciousness or deal with it. But it’s still validating to have their intuition and instincts verified.

Objective perspective

Having an objective, third party take an expert look at what’s going on in your organization gives you peace of mind and even relief that you or your executive team doesn’t have to figure it out alone.

Honest feedback

Because the Company Climate Inventory is anonymous, employees and staff are more likely to give honest answers, thereby helping ensure the quality results of the Company Climate Inventory.

Powerful recommendations

While the Company Climate Inventory and the resulting analysis is powerful in and of itself, having access to suggested next steps can enhance the organization’s strengths, decrease the problem-areas, solve the challenges, and catapult the organization in ways that truly affect the bottom line.

What does the Company Climate Inventory do for you and your organization?

After we get the data from these questions (as well as with the optional private one-on-one interviews), we form a picture of what the climate of the company is, what is working, and areas that need shoring up or intervention.

Our resulting report includes the following:

  • Summary of areas covered in the Company Climate Inventory (autonomy, communication, company culture, employee engagement, ethics/values, employee satisfaction, innovation, leadership, management, onboarding, working environment, problem-solving, teamwork, training)
  • Strengths of the organization
  • Issues/challenges in the organization
  • Recommendations
  • Next steps

Basically, the Company Climate Inventory exposes the problem areas so we can help you create solutions.

A healthy company needs to grow, change, and adapt on a continuous basis.   And we are in a rapidly changing marketplace: millennials; new employees arrive; old employees leave; new technology; and new customers may have different needs than those of 20 years ago.

A company may have thrived in its creation, but years later, functions that worked then many not work now, and some functions may even be counterproductive and detrimental to the company in modern day.

What would this depth of information and analysis do for your organization?

Knowledge is power. Let us expose the problems and partner with you to create solutions.

Your first step is to set up a complimentary consultation with us to see how our Company Client Inventory can provide valuable insight and smart action steps to create more profit, sustainable success, and a thriving organization.