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by | Oct 27, 2021

Employee satisfaction is a necessary keystone for a productive workplace. What’s more, employees who enjoy their work tend to want a more tight-knit atmosphere between co-workers that is capable of handling any challenge that presents itself, which leads to a deeper meaning for the work they do and a stronger connection with peers.

There can be many reasons why a company may be lacking in workplace connection.

When The Shuler Group completed their Company Climate Inventory with a law firm, they found three areas that needed improvement: communication, acknowledgement of employee performance with appropriate feedback, and consistency in communication. The Shuler Group offered three priority action steps.

  • Fire two toxic and under-performing employees
    • Resulting in a $175,000 increase in profit
  • Raise the rates of their most common service by 50%
    • Resulting in a 12.5% increase in profit
  • Make positive adjustments to create a positive culture within the workplace
    • Resulting in an additional increase in profits within 3 years

It can be overwhelming when leaders receive the anonymous feedback from their employees regarding their feelings and thoughts on varying aspects of working for the firm. With this law firm, 92% of employees were proud to work for the law firm; however, only 36% agreed that they could productively work collaboratively with their co-workers, and fewer than 30% felt there was a strong team spirit within the workplace.

It’s tempting to leave it there. Employees like working at the firm… what more could you want?

“Before The Shuler Group came in to work with our executive team, I was a little frustrated about lack of forward motion and unclear about my own role. With their work to create an organizational structure that worked for OUR firm (not just an industry template), roles are clearer, workflow goes smoother, and even our hiring process is working better.”
-Director of Operations

(If you’d like to see the full case study with this law firm, be in touch, and we’ll happily send it to you.)

Take Your Company Back

At The Shuler Group, our flagship product is our Company Climate Inventory, a powerful diagnostic tool that highlights an organization’s strengths, uncovers challenges, and provides a roadmap for positive forward progress. Schedule a free consultation today and start your journey from satisfied to exceptional.


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