Does this describe your staff, teams, or departments in your company?

  • Wasted time due to personality conflicts?
  • Decreased productivity because of miscommunication, conflicts, and unclear role responsibilities?
  • Inefficiency because people just aren’t engaged, or the wrong people are in the wrong seats?
  • Lack of community or common purpose?
  • Culture of mistrust and individual egos?

Or do you just instinctively know that your staff could be more productive and efficient?

Imagine if your staff and teams understood each other better and could communicate effectively and functionally… what would that do for your company?

You want to increase your bottom line, reduce employee turnover, decrease communication and morale issues, solve problems more easily, and create a positive company culture.

Team building events and experiences help staff and employees know each other better, learn how to work together more effectively, and improve the ability to communicate about issues in the workplace.

The Dream Team Day, offered by The Shuler Group, is a unique opportunity for you and your team to get out of the office, come together in a different environment, participate in fun activities, and come out at the end of the day knowing each other better and communicating more powerfully.

Here is what we believe and what we incorporate into all our training, consulting, and services, especially training centered around creating your dream team:

  • We believe that when people thrive, companies and organizations thrive.
  • We believe that the best product of a company or organization is its people. Invest in people, and you’re investing in your company.
  • We believe in creating a cohesive unit, one where every single person in the organization understands the Deeper Why of the organization and is working toward implementing that Deeper Why.
  • We believe in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and helpfulness, where “stars” are also leaders and teach their skills and best tactics to others.
  • We believe in empowering people so that they feel they are important, competent, and make a difference.
  • We believe that everyone has a desire to evolve into their true self and their calling.
  • We believe everyone has gifts, skills, talents… their Zone of Genius, if you will… that not only makes them successful, but also gives them energy rather than taking it.

What is the Dream Team Day?

It’s a day where different companies send their teams, staffs, and departments of 4-6 people (or 10-12) to participate in a series of activities and exercises specifically designed to get to know each other better, see how everyone “works,” understand the importance of each person’s role in the organization, and have fun.

More importantly, you’ll learn valuable information about yourself and your colleagues that you can immediately take back to the office and apply.

It’s the epitome of team building… truly building a team that works effectively and productively together as a team…. increasing your bottom line by creating more efficient and productive employees and reducing waste in the form of low productivity, miscommunication, and actual dysfunction.

Who is this Dream Team Day for?

Small companies or separate departments of larger companies. Each group will be made up of 4-6 people, and there will be 5-6 different groups. Each team will participate in the activities and exercises together as a team, although there may be one or two activities where groups are intermixed for a deeper experience.

We just recently did paint ball. Isn’t that team building?

No, that’s actually what we call team bonding. Activities and experiences like escape rooms, rope courses, paint ball fights, movie days, etc. are great fun and are very important to help company morale and contribute to a positive company culture. But unless those fun activities are facilitated by experts who understand communication, relationships, and organizational dynamics of a team, not much is going to change when you get back to the office.

Hey, we’re all about fun, and we actually integrate fun activities into our team-building programs and packages.

But you need that outside view to really see what’s going on… what the dynamics are… what’s working and what’s not… how the different personalities in your companies integrate (or not) with each other.

A paint ball fight just doesn’t do all that.

What kinds of activities and exercises will we be engaging in during the Dream Team Day?

Hey, that’s our secret, and we don’t want to spill the beans ahead of time! Seriously, some of the learning and shifts that will occur just wouldn’t if you knew what to expect and prepared accordingly.

What we can say is that you won’t be bored! Our activities range from fun, change-the-energy activities to get-to-know-you exercises. Some of the exercises require you to be up and out of your seats. Some activities are hands-on and will have you moving around, building things, maybe even throwing a thing or two. 🙂

We’re going to take you through a carefully constructed curriculum designed to lead you and your team through a series of activities to first get to know each other better, then to learn how to communicate with the different personality types, then to focus on people’s individual roles and how they fit together with everyone else’s, a powerful demonstration of the six dysfunctional team styles…. with some plain ol’ fun thrown in!

Here’s what you get:

  • Activities and exercises specifically designed to maximize teams’ effectiveness
  • Retreat-like experience away from the office
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Workbook to take notes in
  • Strategies for integrating the learning and applying it back at the office – for immediate effectiveness and results!

The powerful results of Dream Team Day

Imagine immersing you and your team in a full-day of activities expertly designed to bring the integration and the learning back to the office. What could that mean to your organization?

Better understanding

When your team understands themselves, as well as each other, camaraderie and company culture naturally improves.

Improved communication

Decrease the amount of time spent on handling miscommunication and even personality conflicts.

Working toward goals

When everyone understands the vision, mission, and concrete goals of the company, productivity soars and effective team work increases.

Utilizing individuals' gifts

If people feel they’re being valued for what they can bring to the organization, wowzers! They will WANT to perform better!

Deeper appreciation

Most often, people perform their roles in a vacuum, and they have no relation to how or why other people perform their roles. What if each and every person in your organization understood the importance of his/her role as well as everyone else’s?

Dysfunctional team styles explained

No matter how efficient, productive, and engaged your team is, elements of dysfunctional teams can creep in. Learn the six dysfunctional team styles and how to avoid them.

Team building raises employee engagement, improves communication skills, boosts creativity, and enhances company morale.

As a matter of fact, we feel so strongly about what we offer, if you don’t feel you got value from the Dream Team Day, we’ll gladly refund your money.

Date and Time

Friday, October 12 , 9:00am-5:00pm


Trainings take place at the lovely Holly Hills Country Club, located in Ijamsville, Maryland. Holly Hills is conveniently located near downtown Frederick, Maryland, and a short drive from both Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Sign up for this powerful full-day training for your team of 4-6 people:

$1,500 for your entire team, including lunch, refreshments, workbook, and a full day of interactive exercises and activities.


Special pricing for groups of 10-12 people –> contact us for more information!

Your trainers

WEBSZBonnieMcCafferyPhoto870_3272DawnMichelleShuler_cropped more

Dawn Shuler is CEO and CAO (Chief Action Officer) of The Shuler Group.

As a business coach and consultant since 2005, Dawn’s strategy in working with her clients is simple: help them identify their Deeper Why, convey that Deeper Why to others in the company or on the team, step into their powerful leadership abilities, ensure that each person is working in his or her Zone of Genius, and bring everyone together to work toward a common goal.

In addition, Dawn was the Chief Operating Officer of a virtual training university for seven years, running the day-to-day operations; managing the various departments and staff; hiring staff and recruiting volunteers; helping to make policy decisions; revamping outdated systems; and more.

She has also worked with executives and mid-level employees at NASA, the admissions department at a national educational association, and small family-owned and -run businesses.

She has thousands of hours of coaching and training individuals, business owners, executives, department staffs, and small business teams. In addition, Dawn is a Level 3 Licensed Certified Trainer for B.A.N.K., a personality profiling system that has been scientifically-proven to predict buying behavior.


Mark Shuler, President and CPO (Chief People Officer) of The Shuler Group has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and he has thousands of hours coaching and training in multiple industries.

Mark brings his diverse background as a teacher, trainer, therapist, stage combat choreographer, actor, photo journalist, and more to The Shuler Group.

As a stage combat choreographer, he has had to assess the situation, identify the crucial elements, create a plan, and get everyone working together toward a common goal, whether a complex battle scene or involved altercation. He applies this same template to corporations and organizations where it is necessary for many elements to work together to achieve an integrated and powerful result.

Mark has also worked with law enforcement, where the emphasis was on a strong and effective command presence, problem-solving, and de-escalating situations, while also observing officer safety.

Today, Mark specializes in helping people improve their relationships, communicate effectively, work together as a team toward a common goal, and connect with others in their own language.

As a Level 3 Licensed Certified Trainer for B.A.N.K.™, Mark trains and works with individuals and corporations to help them increase sales, improve communication, and create thriving relationships.

His personal Deeper Why is to help people have an easier time in life.