Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Have you accepted the fact that some of your employees are there to just get a paycheck?

That that’s the way it is?

We’re here to show you it can be different (and should be).

According to Gallup, the majority (50.8%) of employees are “not engaged,” while another 17.2% are “actively disengaged.” Only 32% of people are considered engaged in their jobs.

That’s not good. It’s not good for the employees, it’s not good for your company, and ultimately, it’s not good for the world.

As a matter of fact, here at The Shuler Group, our motto is “Transforming people, organizations, and the world.”

Pretty tall statement, isn’t it? See, we believe that when people are engaged – with themselves, with life, with their work – it benefits everyone and all. Imagine having everyone in your company fully engaged, loving their lives, rooting for the success of the company.

We believe that people truly are an organization’s greatest resource. People are the ones who solve problems, create solutions, make things happen. You might have a great product or service, but it’s the people who bring life to your company.

What would your company be able to do if everyone was fully engaged?

That’s where we come in to work with you to make your company a place filled with more than 32% employee engagement.

We’ll start by performing a current-state assessment with our proprietary Company Healthy Inventory and interviewing you to better understand your needs and desired outcome. Knowledge is power, and understanding the issues is a mighty first step.

The second step is our analysis and detailed report with our recommendations and solutions.

Companies have to approach employee engagement as an ongoing strategy to maximize this precious resource and consider all the elements that matter in performance management — from leadership accountability and manager education… to clear role expectations and employee development opportunities… to positive and effective communication and relationships.

Imagine what life and work would be like with engaged employees… less turnover, better communication, higher morale, more efficiency… all leading to less waste and more profit.

When people thrive, companies thrive.

Schedule your complimentary consultation so we can discuss your challenges, your goals, and your needs

Imagine if your employees are more engaged, communication improves, productivity soars, and your bottom line increases.  What will that do for your company? Let’s take the first step and set up a time to talk.

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