75% of executives believe that in order to recruit and retain talent, compensation alone will not be enough.

In addition, 70% of employees believe training could help them become more focused on the job and better at managing their time.

Believe it or not, your employees are hungry for training, and opportunities to develop their potential so that they can advance.

  • Are you maximizing the people on your team or in your department?
  • How well do your employees and staff communicate with each other and the outside world?
  • Do the people in your company get along with each other and work well together, or is the environment fraught with anxiety and tension… and work suffers?
  • Do you have a strong customer service philosophy in place that makes your customers and prospects feel important?
  • Is your team fragmented, and you’re not sure how to bring them together?
  • Even though your employees in your company are working together competently as a team, do you suspect that their effectiveness, communication, and productivity could be amped?

The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.  An effective company is one that maximizes all its parts for the greater good of the whole.


What is the whole equation of your company?

Our Employees Thrive™ Training Program covers the six aspects of a balanced employee – both at work and at home.

Whether your staff and employees need in-depth training or a program to enhance their communication skills, the Employees Thrive™ Training Program will help each employee in your company hone their skills, develop new ones, and have an opportunity to engage in activities with other employees to continue to upgrade their skills.

How can the Employees Thrive™ Training Program benefit you and your company?

With the training, coaching, and guidance from experienced consultants and trainers at The Shuler Group, LLC, your employees will be led through a six-month robust program that covers all areas affecting an employee’s work life.

Each training (except for the Removal and Replacement System) in the Employees Thrive™ track is a full-day workshop with pre-assessments, post-assessments, interactive activities, and group exercises.

In addition, all employees will have access to the virtual training program, Removal and Replacement System, to help them manage their personal lives in many different areas.

At the end of the six-month program, participants will graduate with an Employees Thrive™ Certificate of Completion.

Removal and Replacement System

Virtual online course with 8 modules that cover the 7 core areas of a person’s life: physical internal, physical environment, internal process, social interaction, relationships, motivational process, and life mission.

  • Focuses on energy conservation
  • Helps people create their best lives inside and outside of the workplace
  • Employees will become physically more able to do the things they are destined to do because of better sleep, better nutrition, and better general physical health
  • Participants will discover the specific areas they need to work on and then tailor a plan to fit their particular needs

People Management for Staff

People work with and for other people; they don’t work for companies… at least, that’s how your employees see their job.  The more they feel an integral part of the company, the more productive – and loyal – they will be.

  • Role of manager vs. role of individual staff members
  • Departments/teams as an entity – how the individuals work together as a whole
  • Responsible decision-making
  • Creating and maintaining appropriate boundaries

Powerful and Practical Communication

The heart of most conflicts and problems almost always comes down to communication issues.  Whether it’s a question of perception, values, lack of empathy, or not taking the time to delve more deeply, often people see, hear, and think differently from what others do.

  • Learn to bridge the gap between differences so people can communicate with clarity and create positive outcomes
  • Discuss the 16 dysfunctional communication styles
  • Create empathy and understanding – improve your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Learn techniques for effectively neutralizing toxic conversations
  • Discover how to turn dysfunctional communication into functional communication

Extraordinary Team Building Experience

A focus on team building helps staff and employees know each other better, learn how to work together more effectively, and improve the ability to communicate about issues in the workplace.  During this full-day experience, participants will be broken up into smaller groups and given exercises/problems to solve in a team setting. Afterwards, the class will come together to debrief and discuss

  • When your team understands themselves, as well as each other, camaraderie and company culture naturally improves
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on handling miscommunication and even personality conflicts
  • Deeper appreciation of the value and importance of the individual and how his/her role supports the organization

Empowered Engagement

Companies don’t really think about employee engagement, or they might think about it, but there is no line item on a budget for employee engagement.

It’s crucial because if you don’t have employees who are actively highly engaged with your company, then you’ll eventually have employee turnover.

  • Learn the philosophy that employee engagement is a two-way street using The Shuler Group’s Collaborative Employee Engagement Model ™
  • Responsibilities of employees
  • Communication and feedback
  • Creating a safe environment – managers and employees alike

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is a necessary building block of a strong company.  As a matter of fact, a company’s customer service philosophy and processes are an indication of the health of the company.

Every employee is in customer service even if they’re not answering phones and taking care of customer issues.

Since it’s less expensive to keep existing customers rather than enroll new ones, excellent customer service is even more important. It’s not just about “the customer is always right.” It’s about communicating the values of the organization in a way that is customer-centered.

Being conscious of your customer service also gives you an opportunity to maximize your procedures and fill holes.

  • Importance of increased customer retention
  • How to diffuse negative situations
  • You are the face of the company
  • Customer appreciation

If your employees communicated better and were happier at work (and at home), what could that do for the overall wellbeing for your company?

Empower your employees. Give them the tools to become the best people and workers they can be.

Your first step is to set up a complimentary consultation with us to see how our Employees Thrive™ Training Program can maximize the human potential in your company.