Episode 122 – Do you send your managers to training?

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Do you know that 75% of the causes of employee turnover are preventable?

A Gallup poll of more 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the #1 reason people quit their jobs is because of a bad boss or immediate supervisor. Those 75% of workers who voluntarily left their jobs did so because of their bosses and not the position itself.

Often, a person is made manager because he or she excelled in his/her position as a highly skilled producer. But being a great programmer, sales person, or copywriter does not necessarily translate into being a great manager.

Ideally, organizations have a management training program, or they outsource and send their new managers to such a program or other support. Most often, however, the new manager is thrown into the deep end to figure it out on his own.

What if there were a different way?

Listen in as Dawn Shuler covers:

  • If everyone is management material
  • If everyone is interested in advancing
  • If there are other innovative options for advancing, other than just the management track
  • What training managers DO need

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