Episode 125 – Positivity vs. Negativity – with guests from MindTeam Solutions

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In another of our regular collaborations with our partners from MindTeam Solutions, we discuss the importance of positivity in the workplace.

Listen in as Dawn and Mark with The Shuler Group and Sylvia and Josh of MindTeam Solutions explore how important it is to focus on positivity, and not just decrease negativity.

  • Research that it takes four positive experiences to counter a negative one
  • The difference between reducing the negative as opposed to emphasizing the positive
  • Being motivated by fear rather than pursuing pleasure
  • Positivity in teams
  • 75% of of most people’s thoughts are negative – and catching yourself in the negative thought pattern
  • The importance of self check-in
  • “You can choose to be happy”

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About MindTeam Solutions: We facilitate business transformation and create strong corporate cultures through the foundation of our Idea MindTeam™ model. Our Idea MindTeam™ model creates a high trust collaborative ecosystem for ideation, innovation, and problem-solving. This fosters employee engagement and professional growth while helping corporate leaders propel the company forward. Find out more about MindTeam Solutions here.

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