Episode 129 – Don’t be like Kodak

Categories: Case Study, Employees, Leadership, Management, and Podcast.

Companies like Kodak, Borders, and Blockbuster serve as cautionary tales, especially when it comes to the perils of burying one’s head in the sand and not looking to the future.  But are there other clues that the ship is about to sink?  Listen in to today’s episode as Dawn Shuler shares part of the Kodak story, as well as recounts how key personnel left the company.

Dawn also shares take-aways: 1) Know your numbers for employee retention and employee turnover, 2) Determine if you’re satisfied with those numbers, 3) Do you conduct an exit interview when employees leave?, 4) Do you ask the hard questions?, 5) Are you paying attention to trends and what that means for your organization?

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