Episode 130 – Remote workers… Opportunity or challenge?

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Join Dawn and Mark of The Shuler Group and Sylvia and Josh of MindTeam Solutions in one of our lively conversations as we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a company allowing remote workers. Does it work? Whether your organization goes down that path or not, remote workers is becoming the wave of the future.

In our conversation, the four of us cover topics such as:

  • Defining measurable expectations and milestones for remote workers
  • Joint responsibilities of managers and employees
  • The personality type(s) that perform well with remote work, both from the manager’s and employee’s perspective
  • Matching those ideal personality types with each other
  • Importance of communication and emotional intelligence

Other episodes referenced: Employee engagement is a two-way street, Right people in the right seats, Expectations, and 10 traits of the very best managers

Resources mentioned: Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model and MindTeam Solutions

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