Episode 133 – Interview with Rob Neilly on Advanced Communication

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In this episode, Dawn Shuler interviews Rob Neilly, former professor and current wordsmith at Successful Messages.  Listen in as they cover

  • Active listening
  • The negative filters that might affect our ability to listen actively
  • Direct communication
  • Reading between the lines
  • Communication appropriate to your audience, especially when it’s made up of many different people, personalities, and learning styles
  • Emotional intelligence

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About Rob Neilly:

Rob Neilly is a former college professor who taught business communication, business writing, office administration, and technology to students in certificate and degree programs for two of Canada’s largest colleges. In addition to higher education, Mr. Neilly is a trained virtual assistant, and a business writer who creates web, copywriting, blog posts, and other content.

Rob spent a considerable amount of time in various administrative and communications positions in not-for-profit organizations, and business sectors as diverse as IT and healthcare.

Mr. Neilly currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Email: rob@successfulmessages.com Web: http://successfulmessages.com/

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