Episode 135 – 9 questions you need to ask your employees during COVID-19

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“For the times they are a-changin’” ~ Bob Dylan

We are in unprecedented times where things are changing, not just on a daily basis, but sometimes an hourly basis.  Everything from dining out to children being home from school, and so much in between, looks different today from how it looked two weeks ago.

And then there is the emotional component.  There’s general worry and tension.  Some people are separated from their families.  None of us know what to expect.

Pick a thing, and that thing has been affected.  

Here’s what we’re noticing, in our company, as well as in our colleagues’ and clients’:  Everyone is stressed, and productivity is abnormally low.

For all these reasons, we are halting any Company Climate Inventories that are in process or are upcoming in the next few weeks.  The results would be skewed and would not garner the results that this powerful diagnostic tool provides.

The Company Climate Inventory is designed to assess what is working and what is not, in the on-going, longer-term climate.

Our current situation is more immediate and requires a different strategy.

You still need to get a read from your employees and staff.  And in crisis mode (which many of us are in, personally and professionally), you don’t need one more thing to do.  However, if you don’t check in with your people and start to mitigate the fallout from these odd times, the damage could last far longer than just this current situation.

Listen in for the 9 questions you should be asking your people now.   

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