Episode 136 – Beyond the knee-jerk reaction

Categories: Podcast and Self management.

In the throes of Coronavirus, we’re seeing (and experiencing sometimes as well) knee-jerk reactions.  Buy as much toilet paper as possible.  Restrict any unnecessary spending.  Restrict all spending.  Don’t take that new job.  Don’t pursue the new opportunity.  Yell at other people who aren’t doing what you think they should.

Our knee-jerk reactions are completely normal.  They are a result of our instinctive natures (lizard brain) trying to keep us safe.  The problem is that in times of crisis, we stay in that mode, which is not good for us.

Listen in as Dawn and Mark Shuler talk about how the instinctive center is taking over in response to Coronavirus, as well as the downsides of being in constant instinct mode.

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