Episode 139 – Navigating turmoil

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We are in unprecedented times where things are changing, not just on a daily basis, but sometimes an hourly basis.  And then there is the emotional component.  There’s general worry and tension.  Some people are separated from their families.  None of us knows what to expect.

Things are constantly shifting, and we’re having to adapt.  That takes its toll.

So what about our organizations and businesses… how do we navigate these turbulent waters?  How can we position ourselves (and our businesses) so that we come out the other side stronger than before?

We can choose to sink in fear into the muck, or we can put in motion an action plan to rise above it and come out even stronger.

Most people naturally do a knee-jerk reaction and don’t plan for the future.  Now, with COVID-19, they have an “excuse” to be in survival mode.  But the truth is that most people are always in that mode.

Listen in as Dawn Shuler introduces her 5-part model for navigating these times.  (Hint: none of this is new; these 5 elements are things we should always be practicing.)

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