Episode 140 – Interview with Jenny Podewils, co-founder of Leapsome

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Listen in as Dawn Shuler interviews Jenny Podewils, co-founder of Leapsome, a company devoted to feedback, employee engagement, and individualized learning. We had a spirited discussion on the challenges that many organizations face (lack of alignment, speed of learning, and organizational health and culture).

Some great soundbites:  “Feedback is the accelerator for leadership effectiveness” and “Feedback is the basis of all learning.”

And, of course, we talked about the Coronavirus and how her company is dealing with it as well as how their clients are handling the new normal.  (Hint: there are some fantastic suggestions, especially with regard to teleworking and maintaining a positive company culture!)

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About Jenny Podewils

Jenny von Podewils is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Leapsome. Leapsome supports fast-growing companies such as Spotify, Trivago and Babbel in building high-performing teams with its continuous performance management & employee engagement software. Jenny is an alumna of the University of St. Gallen, University of Oxford and a fellow of Singularity University. Prior to Leapsome, Jenny led teams in business development, corporate development, and digital transformation roles in media and tech companies. In recognition of her work, she was recently honored as one of the 44 women to watch in Germany’s tech industry.

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