Episode 161 – Interview with Dean Hallett on Accelerated Leadership

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I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dean Hallett of Hallett Leadership.  We went deep into leadership, management, and questions like:

  • Can leadership be taught?
  • Is there a difference between leaders and managers?
  • How does an organization’s culture impact leadership, and vice versa?
  • Can you transform a company’s culture?
  • How do you promote innovation within an organization?

One reason I loved this interview…. we used words like “authenticity” and “thriving” often.  Listen in to glean leadership nuggets from Dean’s 27-year career at Fox and Disney, and now in his own leadership training company.

About Dean Hallett

Dean Hallett is a masterful leadership development facilitator, C-Suite Coach, and battle-tested senior executive. With a special focus on cultivating authenticity, trusting relationships, and collaboration, Dean mentors leaders on achieving exceptional results through their teams, rather than by going it alone or ruling by mandate. Over a successful 27-year entertainment career as a senior executive at 20th Century Fox and Disney, Dean personally facilitated the process of developing young talent into high performance leaders, discovering what he calls the “Missing Piece” at most companies: High performance leaders at every level of the organization. Dean witnessed first hand that when organizations fill in the Missing Piece, creativity and innovation skyrocket.

Today as President of Hallett Leadership, Dean uses a Discovery Model tool for launching teams into high performance, allowing them to transform their entire organizations toward collaboration, creativity, and innovation. The Discovery Model offers a life-changing opportunity: to become aware of fixed beliefs and unconscious behaviors that stand in the way of our innate capacity for authentic leadership.

An avid golfer and backcountry skier, Dean lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with his wife of 37 years, Kelli. They are proud parents and grandparents.

Website: hallettleadership.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/deanhallett

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