Episode 168 – Energy units, self-care, and compassion

Categories: Empowerment, Management, Podcast, Productivity, Purpose, and Self management.

Our lives look far different now than they were about a year ago. If there’s anything to learn from events this year, it’s the crucial importance of self-care. Every day we’re faced with situations that can mentally or physically take its toll.

I’ve talked before about energy units and how they’re finite. Some of us wake up with fewer energy units because of what’s going on. The social distancing, staying at home, missing important events from family and friends, all these seemingly little things can add up and drain us. We’re constantly facing circumstances that can take energy units away from us. So what do we do to mitigate this?

Tune in as Dawn discusses self-care, compassion, and how we can manage our energy units for a stable and healthy life.

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