Episode 169 – Communication is different now

Categories: Communication, Podcast, Self management, and Training.

The way we communicate now is very different. With modern technology, the way we communicate from 8 months ago has changed dramatically because of COVID-19. Before, we could lightly knock and poke our heads in a colleague’s office doors; now communication is mostly done digitally, usually in the form of emails, direct messages, text messages, and the like. As a result, much of the way we communicate is forcibly done through writing.

So what we can all take away from this? Each person has a preferred way of communicating, and not everyone is suited to communicating through text. A good question to ask ourselves is, “What unconscious habits have I created? Because of these changes, are there things that we need to take into consideration?”

Tune in as Dawn Shuler presents an enlightening episode about communication during these times.

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