Episode 171 – Is your training just checking a box?

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In organizations/companies, training is something that we go through regularly. Be it for operations or human resources, held by the company you’re working on or an external firm, we all experience training in one form or another. Management training, diversity and inclusion training, compliance training may seem superfluous, but we shouldn’t take these for granted.

Often these are treated just like checking a box; we only go through it because it’s required, and then set it aside after and get on with our day.

However, there is a reason why such training exists, and there are valuable things to pick up from it. If you’re attending training, either virtually or in person, an important thing you can do is to figure out the “Deeper Why” and ask yourself these questions, “How can I integrate what I’ve learned into practice?” and “How can I implement these to my daily work-life?” 

Listen in as Dawn Shuler shares the importance of training and why we need to pay a bit more attention to it.

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