Episode 172 – Employee engagement, employee happiness, and the choice to make

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One of the cornerstones of the success of any organization or business is the people behind it. And one of the most reliable ways to guarantee productivity and growth is keeping employee engagement up. A handful of research and statistics show that actively engaged employees perform much better, more likely to go the extra mile, and less likely to take paid time off, or even leave the company when they’re engaged in their work.

Disengaged employees often only do what’s in the job description and usually do not show initiative to better their performance. So, employee engagement is crucial to the morale and productivity of any business. Keeping employees engaged may sound simple, but it is a nuanced subject that needs careful consideration and conscious attention. 

Join Dawn Shuler for an insightful discussion on employee engagement, its impact on your company and employees, and how it can benefit your organization.

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