Episode 173 – 4 areas of competence

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There are four areas of competence: the Zone of Incompetence, Competence, Excellence, and Genius. A brief description of each: the Zone of Incompetence includes areas you’re not good at doing. Zone of Competence are the things that you can do, but you’re inefficient at it. Zone of Excellence are areas you’re very good at, but there’s little desire in doing it. Lastly, the Zone of Genius comprises areas where you excel, but the difference is you have the passion and enthusiasm to do the things you excel in.

Identifying and having a better understanding of these areas of competence has valuable applications in and outside work. As much as possible, you want to delegate or outsource the things outside your skillset, and ideally, you want to work within your Zone of Genius. When we operate in our Zone of Genius, our attitude, passion, enthusiasm will come through, and that energy resonates with the people around us.

Listen in as Dawn Shuler shares insights about these 4 areas of competence and what to do when we find ourselves in an undesirable area.

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