Episode 174 – Right people in the right seats – for real

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One of the most rigorous processes a company goes through is recruitment. Regardless of whose perspective, several boxes need to be checked to ensure we get the right person for the position or land the perfect job as applicants. Recruiting and qualifications go beyond what’s in the resume. Yes, credentials and skills are essential, but often overlooked are the intangibles. Character, inquisitiveness, and enthusiasm are equally important qualities that need to be carefully considered. A lot of these qualities are not measured or conveyed in a resume.

A person showing genuine eagerness, curiosity, and confidence toward the ins and outs of operations has as good of a chance to flourish, if not better than a person who has good credentials but is a little indifferent towards the position. Credentials make you better qualified for a position, but good character makes you a better fit.

Tune in as Dawn talks to us about getting the importance of getting the right person in the right position.

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