Episode 175 – Is your response about you or them?

Categories: Communication, Feedback, Podcast, Purpose, Self management, Self Motivation, and Values.

Have you ever been in a situation where a statement or a comment from someone got to you personally or somewhat irritated you? How do you respond to these circumstances?

Most of us automatically retaliate with a level of snark or hostility.  It’s normal and part of our defense mechanism. But for sure, we can teach ourselves to do better in dealing with these situations. 

When responding to something that irked you, the worst thing you can do is react when your emotions are heightened. It’s always good to pause for a couple of seconds, compose yourself, and think about who’s the response about? What is its purpose?

If you react to make others feel worse, to get satisfaction, and feed your ego, the response is about you. And certainly, these types of responses don’t advance things in a positive direction.  On the other hand, if your response aims to get more information, move things forward, and gain clarity, it’s a noble and honorable purpose. And that’s what an ideal response should be. 

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