Episode 178 – The dark underbelly of normalizing

Categories: Communication, Empowerment, Management, Podcast, Self management, Self Motivation, and Values.

When we experience a recurring stressful situation that we cannot change or do something about, we tend to normalize that situation and attempt to live with it as we go on. This is a natural coping mechanism to reduce or subdue its stressful effect on us.

While normalizing an abnormal or chronically stressful situation can be helpful, it can also be detrimental when mismanaged. It can desensitize us to things that are uncustomary, potentially unhealthy, or socially unacceptable. Having patience and acceptance toward something we cannot change is important to alleviate this unwanted side effect.

Listen in as Dawn and Mark Shuler discuss the benefits and dangers of normalizing and share valuable insights towards this coping mechanism.

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