Episode 182 – You are not the lowest common denominator

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A couple of years ago, a magazine I enjoyed reading announced they shifted focus, thus, overhauling their content and a lot of their staff. With that, its quality, in my opinion, has gone downhill. This magazine used to have brilliant content with entertaining articles containing helpful and valuable information. Now, the articles aren’t as dynamic and detailed. I find them quite generic, and there’s not much value in them as before.

I then realized why I am no longer drawn to it; they are writing to the lowest common denominator. 

When information is conveyed with the lowest common denominator, there’s a danger of losing substance… and ultimately losing its target audience. When you’re addressing the lowest common denominator, then you’re leaving out a good portion of the world.

Listen in as Dawn discusses the lowest common denominator, stagnation, and how to overcome it by working in your Zone of Genius.

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