Episode 185 – Not offering remote work options is for the dinosaurs

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One thing that has been greatly affected by the pandemic is the workplace setup. Most companies have had to tweak operations, and sometimes even to make drastic changes, like going from 100% in-person to 100% remote.  Even as organizations think about phasing back into some version of in-person work, it still makes sense to offer remote and teleworking options for your employees’ and business’s health and security.

You can always shuffle a number of your staff to work on-site and remotely, even rotate them if needed. Naturally, these are added efforts for the company, but these are much-needed tradeoffs. It’s a complex balancing act, and compromises are surely necessary, but when executed correctly, you’ll be surprised that employees can be as efficient, if not more so, when they work remotely.

In this episode, Dawn talks about the absolute need to be flexible in your workplace operations and the importance of adjusting to the ever-changing situation.

One take-away: what is most important is that your employees perform and thrive as well as they can and set them up for success, regardless of their situation.

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