Episode 186 – Two tools to move your organization forward

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As coaches, our goal is to equip teams, leaders, and employees with tools, techniques, and strategies to move the organization forward. We want our tools to be effective and powerful so staff can perform at their best. After all, it is what our company is about, instituting forward motion and helping organizations move in a positive direction. 

There are two tools that we use over and over with our clients (and internally here at The Shuler Group).  One of our clients commented that one tool looks back, and one looks forward.  Perfect!  

The tool that looks back is what we call The Groundhog Day Exercise; it draws solutions by looking at the past and answering these questions: What worked? What didn’t work? What could we do differently? Sometimes we have to look back to better understand where we are.

The other tool, POM, looks ahead. POM stands for Purpose – Outcome – Method. Taking these three things into account in planning your future course will guide you to the best possible route to your goals.

Listen in as Dawn discusses these two tools and how they can propel your company forward.

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