Episode 195 – Right person, wrong seat

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Our focus at The Shuler Group is helping organizations achieve and sustain forward motion through people, processes, and performance.

As for the people part, it’s all about ensuring that an organization has the right people for the right seat. You’ve probably heard me define it before; the right people are those whose goals, purpose, and values align with the organizations. The right seat is when someone is operating in his/her zone of genius. 

Ideally, we work towards having the right people in the right seats. We generally recommend organizations focus on getting the right person first. Because if a person is not aligned with your company’s core values, it can cause disruptions to operations and workplace relationships. However, there are cases where prioritizing the right seat can be more beneficial than the other way around.

Listen in as Dawn shares two real-time experiences with getting it wrong, and the benefits of prioritizing one over the other.

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