Episode 199 – Corporate Social Responsibility – Interview with Holly Copeland, senior director of CSR at Horizon Therapeutics

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I had an engaging and lively conversation with Holly Copeland, senior director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Horizon Therapeutics.

Many organizations believe in giving back to the community, but Horizon started their Corporate Social Responsibility program when the company was not yet profitable.  That’s how important they felt it was to thrive within their community ecosystem.

 We discussed:

  • Using Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes in conjunction with the goals of the company
  • The creative lens to create a “buffet” of opportunities to get employees involved
  • The correlation between CSR and employee engagement and positive company culture
  • The importance of employees feeling part of something bigger, beyond their job description
  • CSR as a way to promote pride in the organization
  • What an organization, no matter how small, can do right now to make a small step toward their own corporate social responsibility

 Listen in to hear what YOU can do right now to create the ripple effect in your own community.


About Holly Copeland

Holly Copeland has been with Horizon since 2015 and currently serves as senior director of their Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Impact work. In this role she oversees all CSR partnerships and initiatives of the company. 

Holly is a founding mentor of Chicago Innovation’s Women Mentoring Co-op, as well as a board member of Chicago Innovation, Perspectives Charter Schools, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology, and the President’s Council of the Museum of Science and Industry. She is in the Chicago Ideas Co-Op and an advisory board member of MATTER, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Women & Global Development Forum.

Connect with Holly:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/holly-copeland-35b33664/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hjcopeland

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorizonTherapeutics/

Website: horizontherapeutics.com

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