Episode 205 – Top 10 ways to drive your rockstars away

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Rockstars are the people that you want on your team: the people who will help your business thrive.  But how do you attract these people, and be sure that you aren’t pushing them away?

Dawn explains the 10 things companies do that drive rockstars away:

  1. Micromanaging
  2. Not appreciating your rockstars
  3. Not including rockstars in the vision
  4. No advancement
  5. Shutting down your rockstars
  6. No mentoring
  7. Ignoring the importance of self-care
  8. Not knowing your rockstars’ strengths
  9. Underpaying
  10. Lack of honest feedback

The culture of an organization determines if it will attract rockstars, or drive them away.  Listen in as Dawn elaborates on what you can do as a business to avoid driving your rockstars away.

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