Diversity encompasses many aspects of identity, including the ways we process the world.

There are 7 different ways of processing information:

  • Verbal/linguistic,
  • Mathematical/logical
  • Musical/audio
  • Kinesthetic
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Visual

A commitment to diversity and inclusion in your business has to include your hiring process, and your hiring team needs to be trained to work with people who communicate differently than they do.

It’s easy to assume that everyone has the same amount of energy and priorities as you do, but that’s not the case.  Your colleagues and staff may not be functioning with the same amount of energy as you are.

Listen in as Dawn provides some examples of how assumptions can get in the way, from a networking meeting to a college class to police training, and explains what you can do to tackle your unconscious biases.

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