Episode 213 – Rockstars: the antidote to mediocrity

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A lot of employers think that they’re stuck with the employees they have, and they must make do.  But it is crucial to have rockstars as a part of your team, and it makes a huge difference.  It is a must-have.

The CEO of Netflix had to lay off a third of his employees.  He divided his team into 2 groups:

  1. High producing, a pleasure to be around, amazing employees
  2. Less amazing, complaining, needed a lot of hand-holding, adequate employees

So he fired a third of his workforce, and waited for the repercussions.  However, he found that his employees were now far more productive and enjoyed going to work more.  On your team, if you have just one or two adequate employees, they bring down the productivity, atmosphere, and the culture of your business.  And if you’re willing to keep these adequate employees, you might lose your actual rockstars.

There are 5 things that these adequate employees do that have an impact on your company:

  1. Sap the leader’s time, energy, and attention
  2. Reduce quality of group discussions
  3. Force others to work around them
  4. Drive rockstars to quit
  5. Show the team that you accept mediocrity

Listen in as Dawn explains why it’s vitally important that you make sure to have rockstars on your team.

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