Episode 214 – Add neuro-diversity into your DEI efforts – Interview with Katherine McCord

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I had an amazing interview with Katherine McCord, founder of Titan Management, and a champion of neuro-diversity in the workplace. Do you know 30% of the population has some form of neuro-diversity? Listen in as Katherine and Dawn discuss:
  • What neuro-diversity is
  • The advantages to having neuro-diverse people on your team and why you REALLY want them
  • How you can hire (or not exclude) neuro-diverse people
  • How to design your application process, including interview standards

About Katherine McCord:

In 2014, with global best hiring practices and true diversity hiring as her driving forces, Katherine, a neuro-diverse woman herself, launched Titan Management, a premier national talent acquisition and consulting organization. Titan grew with great success across multiple industries, and has expanded services to include education. In 2020, she launched the international online show and podcast Career Launch Live, which tackles everything from best job seeker practices and DE&I to employee relations and payday law, to help professionals across the globe.

Now, she is focused even more heavily on promoting inclusion, particularly of the neuro-diverse community. She spends a great deal of her time speaking and educating on these topics and on her newest neuro-diversity and mental health focused show, Super Mania Show. Her patent-pending, anti-bias applicant tracking system, Titan ATS, is disrupting hiring technology and the way we look at applicants! It has been featured in Web Summit and HR Disruptor, as well as several publications.

Find Katherine McCord on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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