Episode 217 – Your need to feel competent and relevant

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Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and acknowledged.  This applies to you, your family, and your colleagues. And, everyone wants to feel relevant and competent, especially in the workplace.

Competent: You feel (and others see you as) good at what you do.

Relevant: You’re important and you matter.

You can identify when someone isn’t feeling competent or relevant; they may interrupt, be the class clown, try to prove they’re right, or interject with their experiences. We can combat our own need, and recognize it in others.

Ways to combat your own response to needing to feel competent and relevant:

  1. Be quiet: listen more than you talk.
  2. Know your lane; you can’t be great at everything.

Ways to make others feel competent and relevant:

  1. Realize that everyone is the main character of their own movie.
  2. Ask for their input.
  3. Acknowledge what others have contributed.

Listen in as Dawn expands upon the need to feel competent and relevant.

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