Episode 219 – Happy employees are productive employees – Interview with Ladan Morgan

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In this series Dawn interviews leaders in organizations who have taken a stand in promoting positive culture, employee engagement, and/or DEI. This episode with Ladan Morgan of Firstmark Credit Union highlights Firstmark’s strong focus on hiring right and onboarding extremely well to create a strong culture.

Covered in this episode:

  • How Firstmark handled the pandemic (they actually earned a Resilience Award as a result of their efforts)
  • How they are handling the Great Resignation
  • Their emphasis on their High 5 core values
  • How to determine a potential new hire’s culture fit from the beginning of the process
  • Onboarding and retention as best friends

About Ladan Morgan:

She is a knowledgeable and accomplished Human Resources professional working with a dynamic team to recruit, train, develop and retain top talent in a competitive market.  She is fortunate to be able to devote her time and talents to strengthen an organization committed to the success of our team, our members, and the communities we serve.

Find Ladan on Social Media:

Facebook: @FirstmarkCU

LinkedIn: @FirstmarkCU

Twitter: @FirstmarkCU

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