Episode 220 – The importance of values, vision, and mission – Interview with Mark James

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Today’s episode was with Mark James, founder and President of Performance Advisors Group, Inc. His focus is on processes, and while that may seem dry, it’s certainly not, with research that shows that 50-75% of what employees do adds little value to the organization’s outcome.

We covered juicy topics like

  • The 3 contributing factors of non-value-add tasks and activities
  • How work gets done in an organization
  • The 2 questions to ask about activities and tasks to ensure that they add value to the organization
  • The direct connection between employee experience and customer experience
  • 4 common sources of people and operational performance problems

About Mark James

Mark is an accomplished business improvement advisor with over 40 years of experience in workplace and channel performance, change management, customer loyalty and measurement. As founder and President of Performance Advisors Group, Inc., he leverages this experience to help B2B companies achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage by eliminating barriers that get in the way.

You can find Mark at Performance Advisors on the web as well as LinkedIn.  Connect with Mark!

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