Episode 222 – 5-Star Employees – Interview with Heenle Turner, HR Expert

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I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Heenle Turner, HR expert, probably because we are so aligned in our beliefs around valuing employees, right people in the right seats, just to name a few

Some key points from our discussion:

  • How 5-star employees are only 15% of any industry
  • What 5 criteria make up a 5-star employee
  • Main pitfalls when recruiting
  • Why employees are leaving their jobs today
  • Heenle’s new favorite question on employee engagement surveys

About Heenle Turner:

Heenle is a certified HR Professional with a passion for helping businesses succeed. Heenle has provided HR consulting services to more than 200 businesses varying in size and industry. Heenle’s experience in sales, customer service and people management has uniquely positioned her to partner with entrepreneur’s and business leaders to recruit and retain a team of their own five-star employees.

Connect with Heenle:

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