Latest Past Events

Right People Right Seats Workshop

Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick

Do you have the right people in the right seats in your company? Are you experiencing high turnover? Is there a fit between your company and prospective candidates? Are you attracting the right people to your company who are likely to stay? When the individual within a company thrives in his/her position, the company thrives. […]


Dream Team Day

Holly Hills Country Club 5502 Mussetter Road, Ijamsville

Does this describe your staff, teams, or departments in your company? Wasted time due to personality conflicts? Decreased productivity because of miscommunication, conflicts, and unclear role responsibilities? Inefficiency because people just aren't engaged, or the wrong people are in the wrong seats? Lack of community? Culture of mistrust and individual egos? Or do you just […]


B2B Networking Event

Myersville MD

Do you find it frustrating  when you go to the many and varied  networking events and have to wade through attendees who  serve individual customers... and since your target base is companies made up of employees, therefore, their referral base is essentially useless to you? Would you like to meet people like yourself who already […]