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by | May 30, 2017

As heart-centered, passion-based entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and executives, our purpose is to be of service, to help make the world a better place in our own way.

That means we have to actually sell our products and services.  No sale, no changing the world.

Frankly, my dear, most of us suck at selling.

First, you need an actual process.  Yes, really, a sales process.  You have to have a plan for having that initial conversation and understand how to lead them into saying Yes to your product or service.  You need to follow up.

Secondly, you have to be able to read the person on the other end of the phone or Skype or across the table at Starbucks.  What’s important to them?  What do they value? Why do they say Yes to one thing and No to another?

But, instead, you just keep going on the gerbil wheel of going to more networking events, making calls, sending out emails, maybe even setting up 1:1s.  All with the hope that if you do enough of all that, eventually, someone, somewhere, will say Yes.

See, you’ve bought into the myth that in order to get more Yeses, you have to get more No’s.



What if there were a way to get more Yeses?  What if the key to getting more Yeses, more sales, more orders, more clients, was simply that more people said Yes?



Enter the world of B.A.N.K.

The B.A.N.K.™ system was designed by its creator Cheri Tree over 15 years ago in an attempt to figure out a science-based approach to increasing her sales and influence as a financial planner. After having studied various personality typing programs designed to give her a better understanding of what makes people tick, Cheri realized that, while interesting, none of the programs actually helped her make more money or close more sales. There was no way to determine what “type” her contacts were, not to mention how this affected their decision-making process.


The missing link was reverse engineering the concept of the four personality types in a way that specifically categorized people according to how they decide to say YES. This revolutionary breakthrough skyrocketed her income from $72,000 to over $500,000 in one year, and over $1,000,000 in 3 years (over a 1400% increase).


Cheri knew she was onto something huge, so she spent years doing field research and development and later organized a series of research projects with a team from UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University and other independent research firms until she perfected the B.A.N.K. system to give easily applicable results in under 90 seconds. Now B.A.N.K. has grown global, with avid users in over 40 countries around the world.

You can try B.A.N.K. for yourself and crack your own code.  Then, you’re on your way to collecting more Yes’s and closing more sales. And truly making a difference.

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