Episode 119 – Interview with Christina Major, professional copywriter, with another take on Right People in the Right Seats

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When we think of Right People in the Right Seats, we often assume we’re talking about full-time employees and staff.  However, the right person to fill the right seat might not be an actual employee; it could be a subcontractor or freelancer.  The same “rules” apply:  the right person is the one who aligns with the organization’s core values, mission, and goals, and the right seat means that the person is well qualified and skilled to do the task.

Professional copywriter Christina Major talks about how to determine the right person in the right seat when you’re hiring contractors and freelancers.  She also talks about some of her fascinating insights regarding healthcare professionals (her specialty industry).

About Christina:  Christina helps health professionals get new clients and patients by creating blogs, emails, and consistent marketing messages that create trust and provide well-researched solutions. 

Website:  www.CrystalHolisticHealth.com

LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinakmajor/

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