Purpose • Vision • Mission

Since the focus of The Shuler Group is on the Deeper Why and Core Values, we felt it was only fair that we share with you our Values, Purpose, Vision, and Mission.

The Shuler Group Core Values

Core Values: These are what drive our company and our employees and staff. These are the benchmarks by which we measure and track our results and progress.

Extreme service goes beyond providing excellent customer service, because no organization says they do NOT deliver good customer service. With extreme service, our customers and clients feel well taken care of and that they have a champion in their corner.

We aim for excellence in everything we do. We don’t leave a job half-done, and even if we suspect a client might be satisfied with B+, we are not. Therefore, we target A+.

With absolute integrity, we hold to our word, and we do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it. And if something happens to derail that plan, we immediately communicate the change.

While we coach and consult on empowering people, we live that here at The Shuler Group. “Take responsibility” is part of that empowerment. We empower our team members to claim their power, do their jobs well, and be held accountable.

Finally, our goal for our company, our clients, and, honestly, the world is for everyone to thrive. Beyond just survive, but to have a purpose-filled and rewarding life.

Purpose Statement: The Shuler Group is a training and consulting company with a deep commitment to honoring the individual: his/her values, gifts, and way of being. We believe that a job shouldn’t be something someone MUST do, but should be something they enjoy that fulfills them.  What would the world look like if people actually enjoyed their work? Our work is to help leaders and teams work better together tomorrow than they do today – so that work becomes fulfilling, not something to dread.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a world where everyone operates in a collaborative, supportive, and functional environment, much like the villages of old, where everyone helps one another and each individual is valued and acknowledged.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help corporations, associations, and foundations shift how they perceive their people – as the most valuable resource and asset of the organization. We will achieve this by serving our clients, becoming the model for true corporate social responsibility with regard to employees.

Basically, we help companies maximize their people by helping them do their best work using their strengths and gifts… and helping the world thrive, one organization at a time.

To put it even more simply, we want to help your company shoot the moon.