Painting a Clear Picture of What Success Looks Like for Your Company

by | Apr 14, 2021

Dedicated employees want to know how their work fits into the big picture, how their contributions make a difference, and what they need to do to make leadership happy. Employees are hungry for feedback; they want to know where they are doing a good job and where they need to improve. Moreover, they want to know how they are benefiting the company.

However, a problem can arise when managers do not accurately represent the CEO’s vision for the company, or if the message gets lost in translation or gets watered down. When this happens, employees lack a clear understanding of how their work contributes to the company. They understand what their work is, but not why they are doing it or how it impacts the company.

Annual reviews simply do not provide enough support for employees. Imagine having a personal trainer that only gives you feedback once a year… not very helpful or motivating! Moreover, there can be a lot of stress anticipating the yearly review that can be emotionally draining for both parties, and more often than not, aren’t very helpful or productive.

Instead, what would happen if you, the leader, made your visions accessible to all employees? How would your company change if instead of dreaded yearly reviews, you provided your employees with year-round micro-doses of encouragement, skills development, and behavioral shaping?

Painting a clear picture of what success looks like is necessary on three levels:

  • Micro-level: for each individual with regard to their role
  • Mid-level: understanding why this department is necessary for the company
  • Macro-level: describing this organization’s place in the community or the world

Providing this clear and vivid vision of success gives employees a purpose at work other than paying the bills. This vision is good for them and your company!

Sometimes more valuable than salary and benefits, acknowledgement and value to the organization is more important to employees. They want to do a good job!  Moreover, they want to know that the work they are doing is important and useful. Without clear communication or a clear direction, it can be challenging for employees to feel proud of their work, limiting work productivity.

If you have seen a drop in employee productivity, or you suspect your team can be more efficient and productive, please be in touch. That’s where we shine!


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