Dawn Shuler Presents - When People Thrive, Companies Thrive

Rise above culture and communication issues for a stronger and more profitable organization.

Focus on your people –> engage, communicate, and connect.  And then see what happens to your bottom line.

Here’s why you want to listen…

  • Engagement plummets to 2% a month for teams with managers who ignore their employees, compared to 61% for teams led by managers who focus on strengths.
  • 76% of employees who do not feel valued are looking for other job opportunities.
  • Highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability.
  • 81% of employees would consider leaving their current role for the right offer. And that the “right offer” isn’t always about more money (although it certainly could be).

Your host, Dawn Shuler, CEO and Founder of The Shuler Group, LLC, focuses people, processes, and performance… because when people thrive, companies thrive!

Most episodes are only 15 minutes or so long so that you can listen on your commute to and from work, while exercising in the gym, in the background as you do routine tasks, or as you just sit back and enjoy.

If you want to maximize your people and increase your bottom line, this podcast series will show you how.

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