Do you have the right people in the right seats in your company?

Are you experiencing high turnover?

Is there a fit between your company and prospective candidates?

Are you attracting the right people to your company who are likely to stay with you?

When the individual within a company thrives in his/her position, the company thrives.

The challenge in achieving this goal is to have the right individual in each position.

Many companies hire solely based on the candidate’s skills and experience.  However, the employee will be more productive and be a better fit for the company culture if there’s a match between the person’s career/position and his or her personality.  That could take into account several factors:  skills, experiences, Zone of Genius, and value system.

The best employees are those that are an ideal fit with the organization.

  • This could mean ideal fit for the position.
  • This could mean ideal fit for the company.
  • This could mean ideal fit for company culture.
  • This could mean ideal fit with other employees.

We believe that the ideal candidate and employee is one for whom there is an alignment with all the above.

How do you know if there’s a fit between the company and the hiring candidate?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Slow to hire, and fast to fire.” That’s because when you hire a new employee, you spend a lot of money onboarding that person, training him, acclimating him, getting him up to speed.  If you hire too quickly – which means you’ve hired the wrong person – all that money and time is wasted.

Hire more slowly – which means you’ve hired the right person – serves you, your companies, your employees, and your new hire much more fully.

Mark and Dawn Shuler, consultants with The Shuler Group, LLC, work with companies solely in terms of their people… We help our clients understand their people are their most valuable asset.  We offer consulting and training in the areas of employee engagement, team building, communication, and hiring.

We want to bring our combined 40 years of experience to you with an introductory program on hiring, Do you have the right people in the right seats?

Join us for this combined program and Lunch ‘N’ Learn held at the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce offices where you will:

  • Learn how to uncover the company’s Deeper Why
  • Discover a method for determining candidate/employee value system
  • Explore a simple tool to evaluate whether you truly have the right people in the right seats

Cost is $15, and you are encouraged to bring your own lunch (there are several fabulous eateries in historic Downtown Frederick).

Date and Time

Wednesday, December 13, 11:00am-1:00pm


Frederick County Chamber conference room: 118 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Sign up for this valuable, eye-opening workshop… just $15!

Your trainers

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Dawn Shuler is CEO and CAO (Chief Action Officer) of The Shuler Group.

As a business coach and consultant since 2005, Dawn’s strategy in working with her clients is simple: help them identify their Deeper Why, convey that Deeper Why to others in the company or on the team, step into their powerful leadership abilities, ensure that each person is working in his or her Zone of Genius, and bring everyone together to work toward a common goal.

In addition, Dawn was the Chief Operating Officer of a virtual training university for seven years, running the day-to-day operations; managing the various departments and staff; hiring staff and recruiting volunteers; helping to make policy decisions; revamping outdated systems; and more.

She has also worked with executives and mid-level employees at NASA, the admissions department at a national educational association, and small family-owned and -run businesses.

She has thousands of hours of coaching and training individuals, business owners, executives, department staffs, and small business teams. In addition, Dawn is a Level 3 Licensed Certified Trainer for B.A.N.K., a personality profiling system that has been scientifically-proven to predict buying behavior.


Mark Shuler, President and CPO (Chief People Officer) of The Shuler Group has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and he has thousands of hours coaching and training in multiple industries.

Mark brings his diverse background as a teacher, trainer, therapist, stage combat choreographer, actor, photo journalist, and more to The Shuler Group.

As a stage combat choreographer, he has had to assess the situation, identify the crucial elements, create a plan, and get everyone working together toward a common goal, whether a complex battle scene or involved altercation. He applies this same template to corporations and organizations where it is necessary for many elements to work together to achieve an integrated and powerful result.

Mark has also worked with law enforcement, where the emphasis was on a strong and effective command presence, problem-solving, and de-escalating situations, while also observing officer safety.

Today, Mark specializes in helping people improve their relationships, communicate effectively, work together as a team toward a common goal, and connect with others in their own language.

As a Level 3 Licensed Certified Trainer for B.A.N.K.™, Mark trains and works with individuals and corporations to help them increase sales, improve communication, and create thriving relationships.

His personal Deeper Why is to help people have an easier time in life.