What’s the Story of Your Company?

  • Do you feel you might not have the right people in the right seats?
  • Are your employees less productive than you think they could be?
  • Are your teams inefficient and perhaps even dysfunctional?
The answers to these questions (as well as others) tell the story of your organization. And maybe you don’t know what that story is (another reason to have a conversation with us).

The short story of our company is that we provide training and consulting.  But we don’t just come in and do a one-off training and then leave.  We partner with you with follow-up coaching and consulting to help you create lasting change.

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Download the graphic above as a quick reference to our training and consulting services.

The longer story is that we help you create magic
so you and your team work better together tomorrow than you do today



Identify Rockstar qualities for your organization, assess your current staff and employees, and consciously create a positive culture to attract A players.



Our training and consulting programs help you clarify roles and responsibilities, as well as determine the best use of your people resources and how to measure results.



We assess the values, personalities, and strengths of your team members, as well as show you how to maximize those strengths for optimum performance.

The best way to get started with us is our proprietary Company Climate Inventory so that we can create a baseline measurement and identify gaps in culture, leadership, communication, employee satisfaction, and more.


The Company Climate Inventory Process

The Company Climate Inventory Process



Our diagnostic tool is comprised of 80+ base questions and statements plus your customized additional questions. Because the participants are anonymous, the responses are more reliable and truthful.



Using our proprietary process, we analyze the results, creating an objective, measurable score that can also be used as a baseline in subsequent years to measure progress.

The Company Climate Inventory Process



The next step is to take the tangible results and critical interpretations and create a robust, 30+-page report with our findings, recommended areas of focus, and next steps.



The organization can choose to implement our recommendations and suggestions on their own, with another third party, continue to work with us, or a combination of these options.

What we’ve helped our clients accomplish:

  • Revamp and customize the annual employee evaluation system that wasn’t working and everyone in the company hated
  • Create the organizational and accountability structure for the entire company – we’ve done this for new companies as well as companies that are over 30 years old
  • Identify the Right People in the Right Seats for an organization, saving one company $175,000 a year
  • Discover the organization’s Deeper Why and core values – and design a method to communicate them to the entire company, hire based on these values, and measure performance
  • Design a hiring strategy, including methods to quickly weed out unqualified or unsuitable candidates and an interview process that ensured that the candidate was truly the right person and the right fit for the company
  • Construct an onboarding process for new hires to quickly integrate into the organization, become engaged, and become productive members of the organization
  • Coaching for executives to navigate a toxic environment and to more effectively communicate mission and objectives across many departments
  • Customize sales training based on the organization’s sales process and continuing coaching and support, resulting in a 45% increase in sales in 30 days

What would it look like if you could see results like these in your company?

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Imagine if your employees are more engaged, communication improves, productivity soars, and your bottom line increases.  What will that do for your organization? Let’s take the first step and set up a time to talk.