Maximize Your Ability to Connect, Influence and Grow your Business using B.A.N.K.™, a personality-based, people-focused and profit-driven system that can help you increase your sales by up to 300%.

B.A.N.K. Speed Coding Full-Day Training
Friday, July 13, 9:00am-5:00pm

Frederick, Maryland

The Speed Coding course is for those of us who are on the ever-deepening journey of learning how to speak the language of the four codes.  Speed Coding allows you to deepen your ability to detect and determine someone’s code on the spot.

This course will train you how to spot and detect the different personality types in circumstances where use of the BANK cards may not be applicable.  You will learn the skill of profiling and picking up the clues and behaviors of each of the 4 codes – just like an FBI profiler!  You’ll also be able to demonstrate how to profile and identify a client’s code by asking the right questions and making accurate observations.  Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to practice this coding in a game-like environment with other participants and improve your accuracy.

Specifically, you will:

  • Review the 4 B.A.N.K.™ Personality Types.
  • Learn and apply likes, dislikes, and clues associated with each personality type.
  • Apply the research and illustrations taught of the buying behaviors based upon the B.A.N.K. Personality Sales Training System.
  • Analyze how buying decisions are made by each of the B.A.N.K Codes™.
  • Examine and compare non-verbal and verbal recognition clues of the 4 B.A.N.K.™ Personality Types.
  • Formulate your own set of strategic questions using The Speed Coding Formula to crack the code of your designated partner(s) so that you can practice speed coding with confidence.
  • Practice cracking the code of a prospect within 3 minutes without the use of the B.A.N.K™ Value Cards, using the strategic questions developed and our custom B.A.N.K Poker Chips.
  • Write down the application scenarios of Speed Coding in your personal and professional areas.

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Friday, July 13, 9:00am-5:00pm