Team Building & Leadership

Team Building & Leadership

Are people in your company migrating to cliques and talking “amongst themselves” to the detriment of the company?

Is company morale low?

Even though your employees in your company are working together competently as a team, do you suspect that their effectiveness, communication, and productivity could be amped?


According to Forbes, Team Building is the “most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line.”

Team building, employee engagement, and company culture aren’t usually line items on your budget, but they should be…

  • Employees who believe their managers can name their strengths are 71% more likely to feel engaged and energized.
  • 76% of employees who do not feel valued are looking for other job opportunities.
  • Highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability.
  • Teams that address engagement needs in their everyday work outperform bottom teams by an average 20% in sales and 10% in customer engagement.
  • Disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually.
  • Organizations that have over 50% employee engagement retain over 80% of their customers.

We find that a lot of companies try to handle team building on their own and take their employees to ropes courses, empowerment training, escape rooms, and even paint ball combat, thinking that just bringing their people together to have fun is all that is needed.

Hey, we’re all about fun, and we actually integrate fun activities into our team-building programs and packages.

But you need that outside view to really see what’s going on… what the dynamics are… what’s working and what’s not… how the different personalities in your companies integrate (or not) with each other.

A simple rope course just doesn’t do all that.

In our programs, we focus on communication, relationships, individual’s strengths and gifts – and how they all fit together in the bigger picture.

The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.  An effective team is one that maximizes all its parts for the greater good of the whole.

We help you do that.

For our team-building services, we offer packages ranging from one full-day experience all the way to a six-month program that includes personality and strength assessments, retreats, on-site coaching, and accountability and follow-up.

In addition, we offer customized training, along with individual and team coaching, to improve communication, especially as it relates to the work environment. We look at relationships, (internal and external) and help create tools and environments to make these relationships better, communication improve, productivity soar, and employee engagement mount.

How much more could your company thrive if all your employees were truly working together as a team?

Where does leadership fit into team building?

Leaders are those who inspire others to work toward a common goal.  Every team needs a leader, and the best teams are those who are led by exceptional leaders.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you maximizing the people on your team or in your department? (Strong leaders know the strengths and gifts of people on their team and empower them to perform better.)
  • Are you a great manager, but you’ve been told you need to beef up your leadership abilities? (Managing and leading are not the same thing.)
  • Is your team fragmented, and you’re not sure how to bring them together? (Leaders know how to bring a group of people together in a cohesive manner, so they’re all rowing in the same direction, so to speak.)

Our team building programs and activities incorporate leadership development, individually and team-wide.

Schedule your complimentary consultation so we can discuss your challenges, your goals, and your needs

Imagine if your employees are more engaged, communication improves, productivity soars, and your bottom line increases.  What will that do for your company? Let’s take the first step and set up a time to talk.

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